our direction

Mission, objectives, and ethos

We believe that all students should have access to an outstanding education, enabling them to learn, develop and flourish, preparing them for their futures.

high aspirations

Our mission

Our mission is simple; we are driven to be an outstanding multi-academy trust for our community, with a clear vision to provide the best possible education for all the children and young people in our trust, helping them to be successful in all they do both now and in the future.

the building blocks

Our strategic objectives

Engaged students, so that:

  • Progress and achievement improve annually at least to national measures
  • Attendance rises above national measures
  • We have low exclusions from our academies
  • Our students are safe and enjoy academies
  • All our students experience and enjoy a broad, rich and engaging curriculum
  • Students with special educational needs and disabilities have their needs well met and make good progress
  • Our academies are popular and often oversubscribe

Quality staff, so that:

  • We have 85% good or better teaching in our academies
  • All staff have access to a high quality CPD programme
  • We create opportunities for staff across the trust to develop their careers
  • We recruit and retain the highest calibre teaching and support staff
  • We have high staff attendance
  • Staff enjoy working in our academies and with the trust

Continuous improvement, so that:

  • We continuously review performance and areas for improvement
  • Any of our academies in special measure or requires improvement are challenged and supported to improve to good within two years
  • Our good academies are supported and challenged to have areas of outstanding practice
  • We have a culture of collaboration across the trust focussed on school improvement

Leadership and governance, so that:

  • Our trust is viable, sustainable and effective
  • We have outstanding leadership and governance across the trust
  • There is efficient and effective financial management at trust and academy level
  • Growth of the trust and its academies is well led and managed
  • Trust policies and practices are firmly embedded across our trust

focused approach

Our key areas of focus

  • Leadership – we drive continuous improvement of leadership, at all levels, within our academies, with the expectation of strongly good with growing evidence of a high percentage of outstanding leadership.

  • Quality of education: standards of achievement – we support and challenge our academies to focus on raising achievement for all our students so that all key measures are rapidly improving to at least nationally expected standards with many academies achieving outstanding results, which are well above national standards

  • Quality of education: curriculum, teaching, and learning – we pay unrelenting attention to classroom practice and pedagogy to ensure teaching is strongly good with many areas of outstanding practice so that our students can achieve and make excellent progress in our academies. We are committed to providing a broad, rich, engaging, and aspirational curriculum in all our academies.

  • Pastoral care: behaviour, attitudes, personal development and safeguarding – we provide high standards of pastoral care and support of children and young people in all our academies so attendance and behaviour for learning is consistently good or better with outstanding safeguarding practices.

  • Community and parental engagement – we develop our academies so that they are very popular, often oversubscribed and the first choice for parents in our community. Parents and the community have a clear understanding of and high satisfaction levels of the trust and the significant role it has in improving the quality of education across our area.

  • Effective trust management and services – we commit to ensuring the trust is well led and managed, rigorously held to account by the trust board, with effective services for our academies which provide value for money. Budget targets are met each year and the trust has the financial capacity to support school improvement using the LCT development fund.

  • Governance and quality assurance – we ensure high quality governance across the Trust which require that leaders are accountable, challenged and supported. The trust has effective quality assurance processes in place and an annual programme of external reviews that affirm its effectiveness.