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The Learning Community Trust promotes a culture of safety

it is our aim for concerns to be raised, including whistleblowing, in accordance with our polices and procedures.
As a trust, we value all who raise concerns, and contribute to our reflective practices, nurturing our supportive and safe culture. We welcome all concerns to be raised either formally or informally through the steps set out in our policy. Though our policy we will work to investigate and find a resolution swiftly and thoroughly to all concerns, by the nominated person.
Throughout all our academies and campuses, our senior leadership teams will be visible to all staff, students, parents/carers, volunteers, and visitors to assist anyone who needs to raise a concern, without any barriers. It is our aim that the handling of these concerns is done through a transparent and visible process.
All trust staff can contact the Chief Executive Officer or the Chief Operating Officer, if they feel they cannot approach a senior member of staff in their own academy. 
The trust’s Whistleblowing Policy is published on the Policies page of the our website

The trust has also chosen to have a ‘speak-up’ guardian. This person is a trustee and is the Chair of the Learning Community Trust’s audit and risk committee. The trustee can be approached by contacting the trust’s Head of Governance and Corporate Support by using the form below without having to approach a senior leader at an academy or within the trust.

Providing your details below will ensure confidently and only the Head of Governance and Corporate Support will contact you to support your concern reach only the Chair of the Trusts Risk and Audit Committee.

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It is important to note that the whistleblowing policy should not be used for raising complaints, or grievances, or reporting safeguarding concerns, as these are matters are covered by specific policies and procedures.
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