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There are many benefits of joining the Learning Community Trust, our comprehensive offer – which keeps growing.

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Trust Dividend

The Learning Community Trust is a progressive, research-driven multi-academy trust known for its strong educational outcomes and community focus. As a family of academies, we embrace our collective strength, sharing the same vision and values whilst also acknowledging and celebrating the distinctiveness and individuality of each academy’s community. A pivotal element of our Trust Dividend is our commitment to offering a customised approach to academy improvement, specifically designed to address the diverse needs of our academies’ unique contexts. You are never alone with a problem – help is always there.

The Learning Community Trust provides a wide range of expert education, strategic and support services to all academies within the Trust and includes the:

  • Chief Executive Officer.
  • Chief Operating Officer.
  • Executive Director.
  • Chief Financial Officer.
  • Directors for: Education, People, Professional Development.
  • Managers and Leads for: Education and Welfare, IT and Digital innovation, Estates & Facilities; Governance and Corporate Support, Project & Communications, Executive support.
  • Professional Development Team.
  • Range of operational support staff who support each of the Directors directly through faculty teams.

Every service we offer is designed with a singular focus: to streamline operations for our academy leaders, enabling them to devote their full attention to ensuring high-quality teaching in every classroom. We prioritise offering these services at the best possible value, allowing our academies to allocate more resources towards recruiting, developing, and retaining top-quality teachers who drive continuous improvement.

Academy Offer

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