Crudgington continues to be a ‘Good’ school

Crudgington Primary School pupils celebrating their Ofsted 'Good' rating

Crudgington Primary School has retained its ‘Good’ rating, with Ofsted inspectors praising staff for their focus on teamwork and high expectations of pupils.

The report said pupils showed ‘pride, passion and purpose’ in all that they do, and were encouraged to be ‘aspirational’.

“Pupils’ wider development is a strength of the school,” it said. “They learn the importance of teamwork and responsibility by being members of different groups, such as the school council or being class ambassadors.”

The school out-performed national averages in all areas of the most recent Key Stage Two Standard Assessment Tests, with a 100% pass rate in reading.

The Ofsted report said: “Staff nurture a love of reading. This begins at the start of Reception year. Across all year groups, pupils build an appreciation of different types of books, including poetry and non-fiction.

“Leaders have high expectations of pupils. The school acts quickly to support pupils who need extra help. Parents are well informed in order to support their child’s reading at home.”

Ofsted said staff had also worked hard to make sure pupils attend school regularly. “This work has had a positive impact. Pupils feel rewarded for attending school, and those families who need support with their child’s attendance receive it quickly.

“The school has identified the key knowledge that they want pupils to know and remember including in the early years. Curriculum plans for all subjects break learning into small steps.

“The school has carefully mapped out where wider opportunities can be provided in the curriculum. This includes opportunities to develop pupils’ awareness of fundamental British values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

“As a result, pupils have a highly effective understanding of these. Pupils feel that trips and visitors to school help them remember.”

Crudgington Primary School is part of the Learning Community Trust, which runs more than a dozen school sites in the county with a strong focus on academic achievement and holistic development.

Ofsted said it was clear that the Trust and governors knew the school well and were ‘very aware’ of the challenges staff face when running a small village school.



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