Increased GCSE grades and attainment levels at LCT schools

Talia Bailey, Anita Dos Santos Brown, Abbie Louise Blain, Tommy Taylor.

The Learning Community Trust says it is pleased with this summer’s GCSE results, especially in the backdrop of the legacy of Covid.

All three of its Telford secondary schools – Hadley Learning Community, Ercall Wood, and Charlton – have improved in a number of areas, which coincides with positive Ofsted reports.

The Trust’s chief executive Jane Hughes said: “Across the schools, the attainment and average grades of the students increased, with a number of students achieving the highest grades possible across all their subjects.”

Highlighted at Ercall Wood is the success of students with special educational needs who have outperformed expected national averages.

HLC continued to improve with exceptional performances across all subject areas. And Charlton School, following its strong Ofsted report, has seen a large number of students achieve outstanding personal results.

The Trust also runs Queensway School in Telford, which caters for children and young people on the autistic spectrum, and those with social, emotional and mental health difficulties. This school recorded its best-ever results, with many students achieving GCSE grades of 4 or above in English, maths and science.

Jane Hughes added: “We are pleased with the results from all of schools. The outcomes reflect the hard work of our students and staff during what remains a challenging time after the impact of Covid.

“Our schools have worked tirelessly providing outstanding lessons and additional catch-up opportunities to ensure that all students met their potential.”

She added: “Our average grades have increased across our Trust schools, which means that our learners have achieved the outcomes they need to go to college, apprenticeships or into employment and I am proud that our schools have provided the springboard for their successful futures.”



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