Jane Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Jane Hughes


I have worked in education for three decades, with school leadership experience spanning primary and secondary education across mainstream and special schools. As a teacher, I taught in predominantly high-achieving comprehensive schools and was an Advanced Skills Teacher, and then later a National Leader of Education providing support to schools and school leaders. I have worked as a leader in local authority-controlled schools as well as large multi-academy trusts. I vehemently believe in the power of multi-academy trusts to improve academies by sharing of knowledge, skills and capacity so that we can provide the best possible education for our children. I am deeply committed to ensuring that teaching is a sustainable and rewarding profession and that our children have equality of access to opportunity.


As CEO, I provide strategic leadership and management across all aspects of the Trust’s activities. I am responsible for the education of all the pupils in the Trust’s academies. I lead the Executive Team of the Trust, ensuring the Trust and all its academies are successful over time in a sustainable way. It is my responsibility to ensure that the Trust provides high quality education for all its pupils through the effective and efficient use of resources and people. As a system leader, I represent the Trust with a wide range of stakeholders and partners and enable the Trust to fulfil its civic responsibilities. I am the Accounting Officer for the Trust, responsible for ensuring the Trust meets its statutory and legal requirements..

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