Russell Garner

Estates Manager

Russell Garner


I had been working at Wrekin View Primary School as a Site Manager for many years before being promoted to Trust Estate Manager. I was very enthusiastic about this new opportunity and the responsibility for multiple sites. I had extensive experience from working at Wrekin View Primary School that I bought into this role.
As the Estates Manager I am responsible for Estates across the Primary phase of the Trust. The purpose of this role is to lead the implementation of an estates strategy and to manage all aspects of the academies’ properties upkeep, care, maintenance, security, health and safety and facilities management in line with statutory and regulatory requirements. My responsibilities also include maintaining refurbishments and other building advancements and to act as the academy representative with suppliers to the Estate, profession advisors (buildings) and contractors.

In addition to this, in 2020 I started a community fridge and café to support our local community. It was important to me to try and end holiday hunger for our children, parents and local community by providing access to free food. We have since won awards for this venture, thus promoting it to a wider audience.

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