Data Systems Support Administrator

Data is a vital asset to any organisation, and the trust recognises the importance of robust data collection, and reporting of data in meaningful ways, compiling complex data sets. The trust has a range of systems which are used for data collection and will be reviewed in line with the trust’s vision and strategy to harmonise systems to ensure ease of use, fit for purpose, and standardised reporting.

It is the role of the data systems support administrator to oversee data systems across the trust, and to support users with access and day-to-day usage advice. Primarily, this will be student data systems, Bromcom and other monitoring and tracking systems. Alongside this, the role will support other areas which use data systems, such as human resources, finance, and other operational departments.

The purpose of the role is to provide a central point of contact, for all users to manage access, and day-to-day support for our data systems. In addition, the role, will be responsible for liaising with data system providers for advanced support where advice/fixes cannot be achieved internally.

The reporting of data out of our systems is imperative, and it will be expected that the Data Systems Support Administrator will be responsible for ensuing reports are executed as expected, data syncs, such as Microsoft Data Lake and PowerBi, are executed as scheduled and, where applicable, build basic reports as requested to meet the needs of the trust and our academies.